... women, sticks, balls ... must be Tuesday night!

Ellwood City
Pool League
Ellwood City Women's Pool League 2016-2017
Weekly scores and standings!
From Lori's desk ...
Welcome back, 'women of fall'!!
Here are the results of the 2016-2017 pool season!!
Tuesday night ... good friends ... good games!

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Week #1 - 10/04/2016

7-1 Moose beat Keystone
7-2 Hog Wild beat Saxon Club
7-4 Shelby beat TBone's Paramount
7-4 Polish White Eagles beat Double Dealin'
7-5 Hazel Manor beat Keystone-2
7-2 Breaker's beat Pour House-2 (Abi had a break and run for Breaker's. Good way to start the season! Congrats!)
Pour House had a bye

This is Arlo Guthrie singing a song written in 1940 by and made popular by his Dad, Woody Guthrie